Whether the weather is cold… and rainy… and miserable…

Working in a winery has made me change the way I look at the rain.

When I was a student, the constant Oregon rain almost convinced me to buy a life raft to float to class in. I hated waking up to the sound of rain because it meant I couldn’t wear my cute new dress and open-toed flats to class that day. Rain meant that there would be no walks to Third St. with my roommate, no lying in the grass soaking up the sun, no picnics or sitting outside at Rooftop Bar. Rain sucked. It was cold, got in my eyes, got into my shoes and soaked my socks. I had never hated the poor, misunderstood rain so much in my entire life as I had in my 3.5 years of attending Linfield College.

Today I attended a lecture by George Taber at Linfield about the famous 1976 Paris wine tasting that got me thinking about wines. Pinot Noir is an especially difficult wine to create, but Oregon happens to have the ideal climate for it. The cold, wet, fickle misery that is Western Oregon weather is perfect for this tenacious little grape with a lot to say. I am impressed, Oregon, and I am grateful for the lecture that flipped the way I think about the weather. I even bought a book for our winemaker.

It’s a good thing I stopped despising the rain just in time for Spring showers!


One thought on “Whether the weather is cold… and rainy… and miserable…

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