Wine tasting expeditions – Rex Hill

Wine industry networking is SO much fun.

This morning I represented Seven of Hearts / Luminous Hills at a tasting put on by the Wine Industry Networking Organization (WINO, as Dave, who organizes the events, put it). It was held in the gorgeous tasting room of Rex Hill Vineyards, where I tasted their 2009 Rex Hill Old Vine Chardonnay. Yum. Highlight of my day. And their set up is gorgeous/genius! Ask for a tour if you’re ever in their tasting room.

It got me thinking about how exciting the industry is. There are some incredibly talented people with lots of original ideas working in the wine industry. Exciting things are happening, and even just looking around Rex Hill’s tasting room was impressive in terms of an interactive business, interesting placements, good marketing and great wine. I am excited about meeting more bright people, forging invigorating relationships, tasting more wine, building my palate, trying out new ideas and did I mention the wine?

It just seems like the line between work and play is blurred in this industry. We love what we do, and we’re learning the whole way, but it’s also work. I’m still figuring out the balancing act that everyone else seems to have mastered, but so far I’m really enjoying my continuing education!


2 thoughts on “Wine tasting expeditions – Rex Hill

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