Day off diary – A day alone

For some reason it seems like being alone has become a bad thing. People seen eating alone, shopping alone, traveling alone and such are questioned in many societies. Everyone wonders why the person having dinner alone has no friends, where his or her family is, and why no one loves that person.

I bought in to the stigma. College is a time when you are never alone. I always had a companion, whether it was eating, going out, getting the mail, walking to the grocery store or even just going for a drive. It’s so easy to just ask your roommate or neighbor to hang out, and it’s a little too easy to find someone who has free time on a college campus. So I got used to never being alone, and when I saw people who were alone, I wondered where their friends were.

I decided to try spending my first day off in forever completely alone and had a great day all by myself (kind of. It’s my college town, so it’s almost impossible for me explore McMinnville and not run into someone I know).

Here’s where I went and what I did today:

It’s been such a valuable day. I realized that I can enjoy myself, by myself. I also remembered how much fun days off could be. Next time, I want to visit the toy store in town, get lunch from Harvest Fresh, buy some white chocolate brickle bark at Honest Chocolates (they’re closed in McMinnville on Mondays) and have Roth’s sushi for dinner.

Some other great places to eat in town include Orchid’s Bistro, Nick’s Italian Cafe, McMenamins for their cajun tots (go during happy hour!) and Crescent Cafe.

Oh, my life as a happy whale.

Stay tuned (or linked, I guess) for the next Day off diary!


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