Day off diary – Explore your neighborhood

There is a park next door and I didn’t even realize!

I went with my roommate, Lee, to bring Dante for a walk and she showed me a trail that led from beside our neighbor’s house to a place called Holloway Park. It used to be a community park for the surrounding neighborhood until it got too expensive and was deeded to the city. It looks like an empty field to the many people (myself included) driving by on their commute, unaware of a charming little place to walk alongside Cozine Creek and numerous beavers and nutria. Sunshine dazzled from dew drops on fresh green grass, nutria trails curved up the gentle slopes of the bank and there was a soft mist in the air as Dante proved himself to be the fastest dog I have ever known.

A lesson in this is that you don’t need to travel to Venice to explore and find beauty in the world, sometimes there’s a wonderland right in your back yard waiting to be discovered.

Although, I really do want to go to Venice someday.


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