There will never be enough time

The days may be long, but the years are short. Live life in perspective. Live it to the fullest. Waste no time in boredom, and hug your mom frequently. The friends you grew up with grow old and apart, waste no time being upset with them. Classes contribute to memories, and you may not enjoy them at the time, but one day you will reminisce, just like we look back fondly on the times we played with blocks and toys and it was called learning. Stop counting the seconds/minutes/hours/days/months and go outside. Laugh. Trust. Believe in magic and miracles. Waste no time worrying about things you cannot change, learn something instead. Smile at strangers, laugh at yourself. Just laugh. A sense of humor makes some of the best stories. Party. Once you leave a party, don’t go back. Eat good food. Love with all your heart and all your soul. Love your family, fall in love, do it again. We are all human, we are all breakable, none of us has enough time but all of us have the ability to try. Test your capacity to be good. Be patient. Be sincere. Tell the truth. Laugh it off. Do one thing each day that you are proud of. Judge no one, let no ones judgement stop you from dancing in the rain or acting silly. There isn’t enough time in a life to be wasted with hesitation. Make plans, forget them, try something new, do something spontaneous, take a chance, wish on stars, be a friend, tease your sister, love your parents, pet a dog, feed the birds, go swimming, go to the park, play on the swings, play, jump, run, live.


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