Wine tasting expeditions – De Ponte

Again, networking in the wine industry it doesn’t feel like work at all.

I went to De Ponte Cellars this morning to try their flight and meet some other people in the industry. I have yet to visit a Northern Oregon / Willamette Valley wine that I don’t like. The winemakers create their wines with such a finesse it’s astounding. The De Ponte winemaker, from what I’ve learned, is French, and has been an Oregon winemaker for approximately 20 years.

The original De Ponte tasting room is located in Dayton, in the heart of their vineyard and hidden past a gravel road. They are opening up their second tasting room, called The Firehouse, in Carlton sometime in 2013. That means they will be right across us, which is great for me because I love their wines.

My favorite thing today was the De Ponte Cellars 2011 D.F.B. Melon de Bourgogne. It should definitely be a go-to summer wine. I heard a woman beside me saying that they always sell out before she wants some, so her and I each bought two and I thanked her for the tip.

De Ponte 2011 DFB Melon de Bourgogne

De Ponte 2011 DFB Melon de Bourgogne


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