Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Today was a delicious day!

I had been meaning to visit Crescent Cafe in downtown McMinnville, but they close at 1 p.m. so we’ve been doing a dance these past few weeks wherein I go and they are full, or I go and they are closed. Not the most fun.

It was worth the wait though, even if just for the service. It sure is hard to get in, but once you’re there everyone is so pleasant. As I was waiting the waiter, Jerome (I believe is his name), brought me a cup of coffee, some cream and sugar on a tray and held it as I fixed my coffee. “I’ll be your table,” he said.

Fun right?

We had a company meeting (of three) and all of us ordered the same thing; a chicken hash. I had never been there, but I’ve always trusted Lena and Byron’s food judgement, so I played follow the leader.


The chicken hash from Crescent Cafe

I was impressed with the food, but the restaurant came so highly recommended that I built them up in my head too much. I will definitely go back, but I’ll continue to sample down the menu for my favorite thing there. The hash was good, but hasn’t hit that note with me.

Service was amazing, the people there were great and it’s a nice, classy place to sit with friends or do some casual business.

*Edit: their version of biscuits and gravy is amazing! They use whole chicken chunks and it might be the best thing I’ve had at Crescent.


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