Teach me something

It seems like such a lofty goal to become a better person in some way everyday, even if only marginally. Something a little less intimidating to focus on instead is trying to learn something new each day.

This becomes particularly easy when you go somewhere that requires an informed decision. When you are jam tasting, wine tasting, beer tasting, shopping for new appliances, buying chocolates, at a restaurant, etc., ask whoever is serving you “teach me something about [insert product here].”

I like doing this at small local businesses in particular, because I’ve noticed that employees in the smaller, more intimate places are more involved and passionate about the business itself. Sometimes (often, actually) you even get the owner of the business, and that’s when you should sit back, relax and flashback to when you were in college, furiously taking down notes to remember later.

Try it next time you are out exploring with friends or on your own, ask someone to teach you something about what they do. It will keep them on their toes, as well.

Simple question, unparalleled results. A simple “teach me something” can unlock a world of information.


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