Food recommendations

Lawry’s Prime Rib – It is an expensive place, but worth every penny. I have never had a better steak, and their creamed corn deserves to be a national food. (Beverly Hills, CA.)
-Lawry’s is also located in Hong Kong and other places across The United States under different restaurants. If you don’t want to break the bank but still want a good steak, try Tam O’Shanter. Same company, different dining atmosphere focus.

Jade Teahouse and Cafe – Asian food with a delicious twist. (Portland, OR)

McMenamins Hotel Oregon, Rooftop Bar – CAJUN TOTS. Happy hour. (McMinnville, OR)

Saburo’s – Great sushi, good price for the quality/quantity, you decide if it’s worth the wait. If they open at 5, the lines begin forming at 4:30 p.m. (Portland, OR)

Red Hills Market – They have an amazing turkey/arugula/apple sandwich, a roast beef/blue cheese/caramelized onion sandwich and a cool happy hour. (Dundee, OR)

Toulouse Petit – Make reservations if it’s a Saturday night! (Seattle, WA)

More to come as I post, but those are the places that come to mind as of now.


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