The work of angels

I recently met with George Taber, who was the Time magazine reporter at the famous judgement of Paris in 1976. I asked him to autograph his book for our winemaker and he wrote something that stuck with me:

“You are doing the work of angels; making wine.” -Taber

It really is true. The wine industry is often romanticized, but making wine (although a noble occupation) is not a particularly lucrative job. It is a labor of love and devotion. A fun industry to be in but a lot of hard work for not much money.

I was warned of this from the beginning and am slowly accepting the fact that I’m never going to get monetarily rich working at a winery. However, I will be working in an industry I believe in, doing something I love. I will never want for good wine or good company, I will meet new people everyday and will have expectations to live up to in a small local business. I will learn something new everyday and won’t have time to be bored. I will sit outside and have some chardonnay in the summer and eat good food with great wine at least once a week.

The payoffs are immeasurable and priceless, and I am glad I am on the path that I am.


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