Wine tasting expeditions – Stoller

The Stoller Family Estate tasting room is located among sloping hills and perfect picnic places. I was fortunate enough to go while the sun was out and happily shining on lush green grass (a rare occurrence in western Oregon, but the sun has been making more appearances than normal).

Stoller was featuring a 4-wine flight for $10, waived with any 2 bottles purchased. I was instantly a fan of their reserve chardonnay, but I think we’ve established that I am a chardonnay girl. It’s just such an exciting wine! This one was more fruit-forward than most of the other chardonnays I’ve tasted, but that definitely isn’t a bad thing.

The four-wine flight at Stoller

My second favorite of the day was their 2008 SV (senior vine) pinot noir. Stoller has “JV” for “junior vine” and “SV” for “senior vine” on their labels. Usually, wines that are made from older vines will age better and have a more complex structure, whereas wines made from younger vines will be more precocious and bolder early in their life.

Visit Stoller 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. any day, at:

16161 NW McDougall Road

Dayton, OR 97114


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