Creating a destination website

The Travel Yamhill Valley Association held their quarterly member showcase at Stoller Family Estate this evening. Krista McCallum from 237 Marketing + Web in McMinnville presented on how to make a company website a destination for consumers. Here are some notes from the meeting.

A good destination website is one that…

  • Provides consumers with useful content that supports their interests (such as travel or exploration). Have content that they want to share with their friends, such as great pictures, funny stories, or travel suggestions.
  • Moves consumers through the process of planning -> reserving -> purchasing (and make it easy!)
  • Engages consumers in activity. Give them something to download, such as recipes or a map. Have a function that allows them to Tweet something to you on the website, or allows them to ask a question. Have a blog that they can read! Give them an insider’s perspective and write sincerely.
  • Is a resource for people. If you provide information that is accurate, current and valuable, they will keep coming back. Align your website with your target audience so that the words you use are the search terms they use, making it easier for them to find you. However, don’t stuff your writing with keywords. Write genuinely, as if you were talking to your favorite customer over a glass of wine.
  • Has information in multiple places. Consider having a search option both at the top of your website as well as the bottom, since people look for certain features/information in different places. Also, make it easy for them to find your contact information! Stick it everywhere you possibly can.
  • Is updated regularly. If you have specials that change every month and that consumers will love availing of, they will keep coming back to check out what’s new.
  • You mention every chance you get. Have your website URL in your email signatures, on powerpoints whenever you are giving a presentation, in your social media profiles, on press releases, on pens and paraphernalia, in your newsletter–anywhere that a customer would think to look for it, and a few places they wouldn’t.

Something that I have been hearing repeatedly going to seminars and events is the importance of interactivity. Have a video that people can watch when they scan a QR code on your bottle. Original, creative and interesting things like that help consumers have an experience with the brand, instead of just a purchase.

It’s like when tasting wine; I don’t remember what every wine I’ve had tastes like, but I remember how the wines made me feel and I remember my favorites.

If your website was one of their favorites; the most useful, most exciting, most fun, they will remember.


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