Day off diary – UMW, a play about minorities in a small, mostly white college campus

UMW, by Rob Urbinati, is not a complex play. It is easy to follow all the way through, and didn’t make me think or surprise me. However, it is good for what it is. The play is 80 minutes long and is in an early stage of what will ultimately be rewritten multiple times over. That said, I was a little disappointed with what was done with the issue of racism and minorities on a small college campus setting. There is a lot of potential to craft a compelling and through-provoking story around these issues, which are becoming increasingly prevalent around the world, but the play didn’t do that. The reason I went to see UMW (which stands for University of Mostly Whites) was to see a talented friend, and I can say with confidence that if well-cast, it’s enjoyable and amusing. It isn’t as thought-provoking as a play focusing on these issues could be, but it is a work in progress and would be worth keeping up with.

UMW at Linfield’s Marshall Theatre

As a side note, I haven’t felt particularly discriminated against because of my race, but I have noticed one thing that is an indicator of racism in the United States. When people ask “what’s your type,” I’ve heard guys say either blonde, brunette or red heads. But when they say that, they are always referring to Caucasians.


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