Willamette Valley, land of tasting

We’ve got wine tasting, beer tasting, salami tasting and cheese tasting. What’s next?

The fact that we have all these options before a purchase says something about our culture (it is also a brilliant marketing and sales strategy). There is a new kind of person, who is willing to purchase luxury items, but is still meticulous and careful with his or her money, requiring a sample of whatever he or she purchases. We seem to be becoming a blend of not only cultures, but classes. The wealthy are thinking thrifty, and the less-wealthy still have access to luxury items and experiences. Anyways, on to where you can enjoy find tasting experiences…

Fino in Fondo has some delicious salami sandwiches. When I went in, the owner himself, also owner of Nick’s Italian Cafe, was serving the salami on a wooden board. They have a really great arugula/salami/olive oil sandwich. Simplicity at its most delicious.

Tillamook Cheese Factory and Willamette Valley Cheese Co. both offer cheese tastings–who could say no?

Fire Mountain Brewery offers beer tasting on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. I have yet to go, but will soon!

And of course, the gazillions of wineries that offer wine tasting.


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