Beer tasting expeditions and sushi in Corvallis

I poured some Seven of Hearts / Luminous Hills wines at Corvallis Brewing Supply today and bought some beer while I was at it. I was fortunate enough to pour for a professor and beer enthusiast, who recommended plenty of Belgium beer for me (five bottles, to be exact). Corvallis Brewing Supply has a special on Fridays wherein you get 15 percent off six bottles or more, so of course I went for all six. I asked Joel Rea, the owner, to pick out the sixth bottle for me, which ended up being Kolsch, a German beer.

My haul

IMG01892-20130412-2057Another interesting tidbit I learned is that there are approximately six monasteries that still make beer and they have a special symbol that they put on their bottles exclusively.

After wine pouring and beer hauling, I met up with a friend who goes to OSU and got some of the yummiest sushi I’ve had in Oregon at Aomatsu Sushi & Grill. (Also, the guys working there today were pretty cute.) I’d love to put up pictures of what we ate, but I rarely manage to take food pics of my fav meals because I eat it all so fast. I highly recommend going if you have some time. I haven’t tried their competitors, but my friend, Karryn Kimball, says it’s the best place in town. Their salmon sashimi practically falls apart in your mouth–yum!

Three-bottles-later edit: So far, I have had the Double Mountain Kolsch, Trappistes Rochefort #6 and Westmalle Trappist Ale. Definitely pour them into a glass and let the bubbles calm down first though–they are all fizz if you try to drink them out of the bottle. In fact, the Westmalle Trappist website offers a page on how to serve the beer. My favorite of the three has been the Trappistes Rochefort 6 (red cap), followed by the Westmalle Ale. Preparing myself for the bigger bottles…

Four-bottles-later edit: Just had the St. Bernardus Abt 12 and it was delicious. Have it ice cold on a hot day and it will change your entire perception of beer. For the love of man though, share it with someone, because I fell over my chair on my way back inside.

IMG01929-20130423-1251Five-bottles-later edit: I opened up the Cuvée van de Keizer – Blauw and it is yummy, but a bit sweet for my taste. Maybe I need to give my palate a bit of time to adjust to it. Had half the bottle and will have the second half a little later.


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