Lessons on the job – Food pairings and great wine

I probably have the best job in the world.

Today was one of the Seven of Hearts / Luminous Hills pick up parties (wherein wine club members come in and pick up their shipments) and we had some amazing food and wine pairings for our club members. We usually do something special after busy event weekends like this one, so even though it was a lot of work, it was nice to unwind afterwards. Yesterday, we tasted through the flight with the food plates that Lena and I put together. They were delicious! The amazing thing is Byron assembled the pairings in his head, with Lena and Dana taste testing everything before making it our official pick up party plate. The first time Byron and I tasted through everything was last night!


I highly recommend Byron’s 2011 Seven of Hearts Merlot with Tillamook’s extra sharp white cheddar. It was probably my favorite food pairing of the plate, plus that Merlot is just so complex and interesting! We only produced 25 cases, so it’s incredibly exclusive and even wine club members are limited to a few bottles. It is amazing!

Tonight after work we had some wine from around the world and yummy food! At the end of busy weekends, we all like to bring something special for after we close. Josh, our photographer who helped out today, brought a delicious blueberry coffee cake that went really well with Byron’s 2011 Seven of Hearts Ice Princess (which he opened for me!). I brought a 2011 De Ponte Melon De Borgogne, Lena brought a 2010 Mersault (white Burgundy) and Byron brought a 2001 red Burgundy. Don’t ask me to event attempt to spell the name, but it was goooood. We also tasted a 2008 Seven of Hearts Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley–aaah! SO GOOD! SO. We enjoyed all of those gems today after we closed, along with our food pairing plates.

Special flight

Our special flight for the night

It was just such a good weekend, hanging out with wine club members, coworkers and some great food and wine! The De Ponte was lovely with hints of lemon, the Mersault was so yummy with the white cheddar, and the pinot noirs–aah! The Domaine was just perfect, with a great earthy spice. The Seven of Hearts was definitely a stand-out as well, and is going to continue to get better for another five years! The entire line-up was a complete win, and the company was great too!


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