Wine tasting expeditions – Domaine Trouvère

Domaine Trouvère is the only place I have been wine tasting so far where I didn’t pour out a single drop of wine. I believe they are under Lange winery, since we are directed to the Lange website when buying any of their wines. Anyhoo, on to the wine!

Here is some information on their winery, from a brochure I got there.

04-18-2013 02;52;28PM

I have a special place in my heart for Oregon Chardonnay. I skipped breakfast so that I could go wine tasting with a completely clear palate, so the first thing I tasted this morning (a few hours after toothpaste) was the 2008 Domaine Trouvère Chardonnay (of which I got a bottle).

Domaine Trouvere has a nicely aged flight of all the wines they make, which for now includes a chardonnay, pinot noir, tempranillo, syrah and viognier. They have a sangiovese in bottle at the moment, which they are hoping to release around Memorial Day (once they jump through the hoops of labels and approval).

The wines at Domaine Trouvere

The wines at Domaine Trouvere

The chardonnay was delicious, food-worthy and a refreshing start to the morning. It wasn’t exactly sweet, but it had a fruit forward finish. It is super good now, but probably won’t age for too much longer, so I would drink it fairly soon.

Next in the flight was their 2008 Cancilla Vineyard pinot noir (also got a bottle of that), which was delicate but not too soft. It was so easy to drink, I spent a long time sipping and enjoying it.

I think my favorite of the flight was their 2008 Tempranillo from Umpqua Valley, which was described perfectly as “different, not trying to compete with pinot noir.” It was one of the few big reds that I could drink alone or with food–and it definitely was enjoyable alone.

The syrah was again, a big red that I could enjoy alone. Something to note about that, however, is that it’s important to see how these wines hold up to food. The most interesting thing about the syrah though was it’s texture. It sort of dried out my mouth with each sip.

Finally, I had the viognier, which was my least favorite on the flight, but still good–which is saying something about the former wines. It gives a nice finish to the flight, rounding it off with a sweet/tartness. Of the two whites, the chardonnay was the winner, 100% hands down, but this was good too.

Their tasting room has some enjoyable local touches, such as candles made with their wine bottles, hand-painted pillows and a nice table to sit and drink with friends.


They are open 7 days a week, 12 – 5 p.m. However, in the summer they will be open later on Fridays and Saturdays to follow their neighbors in Dundee. They are located above the delicious Red Hills Market (see previous post), at…

155 Southwest Seventh St.
Dundee, OR


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