Living on One Dollar (2013)

The following is a movie about four men from the Pacific Northwest who attempt to live on one dollar a day, as many people outside of First World Countries need to do. They travel to rural Guatemala and face both hardships as well as show us the rewards of living in poverty. It’s touching, surprising and, most importantly, moving.

Visit to learn more and make all the difference in a life.

These guys are my idols. It takes a lot of bravery to do this in the first place, but even more to stick to it. It also makes me realize that the job I have right now–and even the industry I’m in–is a role that only exists in First World Countries. The fact that my position exists speaks volumes about the “world” I live in. I am fortunate enough to have wine to drink everyday, whereas 70 percent of the world has to worry about basic nutrition. If you are reading this post, it puts you in 7 percent of the world with computers and Internet access. Proof? Check out “If the world were a village of of 100 people” on memolition.

Just the fact that I can think about the issue of poverty means that I don’t have to worry about where my next meal is coming from, how I’m going to pay for my education, work, etc. Think about it. Think about how to close the gap.


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