Wine tasting expeditions – NW Food & Gifts

NW Food & Gifts, in addition to food and gifts, has a small tasting room filled with boutique wines (some of which only they carry). Taking Katherine Cole’s advice, I walked in with a friend to try their line up of various labels that I had never seen before. She was right–it was incredibly useful going to a wine shop that features different winemaking styles and winemakers. I tasted the difference between an earthy pinot noir and a fruit-forward pinot noir (I like the earthy spice and subtle tannic finish better).


Mother Lode, Walnut Hill, SAGA hills, Vitis Ridge

The winners of the day were Walnut Hill, with it’s earthy 2011 pinot noir, Vitis Ridge, with an interesting hybrid grape called Marechal Foch, and a Vitis Ridge white blend dessert wine called Grigio D’Oro (in addition to what you see above, we also tried two Vitis Ridge dessert wines).

Mother Lode is a label that is only available at NW Food & Gifts. SAGA hills is another interesting label that is hard to find, with wines made by Isabelle Dutartre, winemaker of De Ponte.

Find NW Food & Gifts at 445 NW Third St. McMinnville, OR. They are open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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