The Horse Radish; Restaurant, wine & cheese bar

Who doesn’t like cheese? I have met probably one person in my life who can’t stand the stuff–although, I have to admit whoever discovered how to make cheese may have been a bit off. Were they just too lazy to throw the spoiled milk away? Anyways, The Horse Radish in Carlton, OR has some great cheese. I got some takeout and asked the woman behind the counter to choose my cheese selection. I advise anyone who goes there to do the same–especially if you are trying to pair the cheeses with wine!

The great thing about this restaurant is their selection. It is a great way to try a little bit of lots of different cheeses (most of which I had never heard of). They serve warm bread and some fig jam with their cheese and salami plates that is wonderful too!


You can find them at 211 W Main St. Carlton, OR (next to Seven of Hearts / Luminous Hills!)

Their hours are…

Sunday 1pm – 5pm Wednesday 12pm – 3pm
Monday 12pm – 3pm Thursday 12pm – 3pm
Tuesday 12pm – 3pm Friday/Sat. 12pm – 10pm

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