Wine tasting expeditions – ROCO

The ROCO Winery tasting room has two labels; ROCO and Purple Hands (by Cody Wright). They have some excellent earthy pinot noirs, and a gorgeous glass blown bar made by Corby, the “CO” of ROCO. I was definitely a fan of their 2010 Marsh Estate, and their 2010 Willamette Valley has a lot of potential as well.

ROCO stands for Rollin and Corby, husband and wife team. Rollin is the winemaker of ROCO, and Corby is so charming! She led a few of us around the tasting room, past offices with amazing views, and what stuck out most to me was their bathroom. Not only was it classy, but it was clever as well! There was a sticker of a fly in the mens urinal; Corby said that when you give guys something to aim at, they are less likely to miss the bowl and make a mess. Talk about an interesting tasting room experience!

The ROCO tasting room is open Thursday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at
13260 NE Red Hills Road, Newberg, OR.


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