Memorial Day 2013: Company dinner at Nick’s Italian Cafe

You know you have it good when your job educates you using 1978 Italian Barolo.

After a busy Memorial Day weekend (Sunday, more than Saturday and Monday) we at Seven of Hearts / Luminous Hills wine took the time to celebrate with some good food and wonderful wine at Nick’s Italian Cafe in downtown McMinnville. We tried a distinctive white Cabernet Franc (Leah Jorgensen Blanc de Cabernet Franc), a glorious 2008 white wine blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia Istriana and Picolit) called Vintage Tunina, a barrel sample of our new Seven of Hearts Nebbiolo, and most distinctive of all, a 1978 Borgogno Barolo.

The old Barolo was so full of earth and metal when we first opened it, filled with minerality and an old world depth that you only get after so many years of aging a big red. As the dinner went on, more fruit notes appeared, and as the wine unfolded and had some air time, it got distinctly more accessible. I actually liked it when we first opened it, but there was a different note and a little more complexity to the wine as we let it sit. It also had a bit of astringency (a sensation from the tannins that sort of dries your mouth out). In comparison, our new Nebbiolo is going to be a hit. It was just so elegant and well-done, especially for the region. It holds its own in terms of complexity, yet still maintains accessibility, even at just six months old. It had some interesting acidity (meaning it is going to age–you can taste it in your taste buds) as well.

Also, my coworker and friend (also a Linfield alum) gave me a graduation present! I love bubbles 😀


Vouvray Monmousseau Brut


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