Pura Vida – A new restaurant to enjoy in McMinnville

There is a new Latin American restaurant in downtown McMinnville (third st.) called Pura Vida. It’s delicious.


Cochinita from Pura Vida

I got their cochinita (only available for lunch), a dish of pork cheek. It sounds odd, but it’s one of the more tender parts of meat on a pig. It was soft, cooked to perfection and expertly garnished. I also had their cucumber lemonade, which was good but I probably won’t get it again. I’m not sure if it was because they only recently opened, but when the waiter brought my glass it was only 2/3 full. I do look forward to trying more of their dishes in the future.

Pura Vida is located at 313 3rd St. McMinnville, OR 97128. They are open Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and have slightly different menus for lunch and dinner.

*Tiny side note: they don’t offer it on the menu, but you can order plantains that are sliced thinly and fried, and they taste like even-yummier potato chips that are relatively healthy.


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