Sparkling wine, discovered by accident

Have you ever seen an unprovoked cork shoot out of a bottle before?


Long way up


Curiouser and curiouser

At work we dip some of our wines in hot wax to create an airtight seal. I’ve dipped perhaps 50 or more cases of wine, yet there was one particular bottle that caught my attention. I noticed that the cork looked a little odd compared to the others, so I decided (through some reasoning that is lost to me now) to dip that bottle first and get it out of the way. I tipped the bottle over a few times to wet the strange cork, dipped the bottle into the hot wax, then dipped it in some water to cool. Upon checking the wax to see if it set correctly, I noticed a strange circle forming. When I realized it was the shape of the cork, I began to panic, but only for a second–the cork shot out so soon after that all I had time to do was gape.

The cork flew out of the bottle, shot straight up to the ceiling, wax-top first, hit the roof and stuck there due to the still-damp wax, and stayed for a few seconds before falling down. It was the first time I had ever seen a cork shoot out of a bottle!


The wax remnants on our ceiling

We tasted the wine afterwards to see what had gone wrong. Turns out, the wine was great, just carbonated. The creator of champagne discovered it by accident–and what a happy accident it was.

Sad to say, our sparkling dessert wine will not live on past that one bottle (we assume), but it was nice to try it that once.


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