Oh, the joys of Chardonnay. I have been infatuated with Rex Hill’s 2009 Old Vine Chardonnay from the first time I had it. Today, I did a comparison tasting between Rex Hill’s 2009 Chardonnay and Seven of Hearts‘ 2009 Chardonnay (Crawford Beck Vineyard).

IMG_2124Rex Hill still came out ahead. Their Old Vine Chardonnay is just so elegant and refined, it changed and spoke volumes over the hour I sipped it with family. It’s lighter in color than the Seven of Hearts, 13.% alcohol (impressive, for a 2009), balanced, smooth and soft on the palate, has a pleasant bouquet and wonderful mouth feel. It goes from light and refreshing to complex with a savory aftertaste. When paired with salmon it got a sort of pepper finish as well.

The Seven of Hearts sat at 15% alcohol and was a little off-balance at first. It got better as it opened up and definitely got better with food. It didn’t smell very much at first, but ended up with a fruity nose.

I am just so enamored with Rex Hill’s Chardonnay. I don’t remember what their Pinot noirs tasted like, but I will always remember that I love their Chardonnay.


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