Adventures in Asia – Inner Mongolia

If you ever aspire to visit Inner Mongolia, get a tour guide or make a friend. It’s a place where there are many interesting experiences to be had, but it’s almost impossible to get to them on your own.

We stayed in yurts. We wouldn’t event know where to find yurts!

We rode camels. We wouldn’t know where to find camels.

We slid down sand dunes.

We rode horses without any reins or helmet to a temple (some sort of structure). The guides kept urging the horses to go faster, and we were just holding on with our hands and thighs. It was an adrenaline rush that I’ve been eager to have again.

There was a zipline.

Everything was amazing, I doubt I’ll do anything like it ever again. And honestly, all these things were in the middle of nowhere. So, if you go to Inner Mongolia, I recommend finding a tour guide. Do all the things that make you uncomfortable–be it staying in a cold yurt, choking on sand sliding down a sand dune, or thinking you’re going to fall off your horse at any second. Every second was worth it.



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