Passport to Pinot

A friend of mine scored tickets to an IPNC event called Passport to Pinot, wherein great Pinot noir from around the world is brought in to the Oak Grove at Linfield College. I didn’t dare try them all, but the ones I did try were amazing!

I, stupidly, 1. didn’t take pictures at the event, so here is a shot of the Oregon Pinot noir glasses we got to take home and some informational materials, and 2. didn’t take notes. So I can tell you which wines I enjoyed, but not why. There are so many different flavors and smells in wines that, honestly, I could probably make something up and sound about right–but I won’t!

IMG_2329Some of the stand-out participants were Big Table Farm with their unreleased 2011 Wirtz Vineyard Pinot noir, a 2009 Anne Amie Pinot noir from the IPNC library, and Domaine Cyrot-Buthiau with their 2011 Pommard 1 er Cru Les Arvelets.


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