Content marketing

I recently read an amazing study by Marketing Sherpa about how Wine Enthusiast increased their organic traffic by 154 percent.

The marketing team made it easy for visitors to find useful information, relevant to what they wanted. They did this by addressing three wine-related needs; information, wine purchasing and wine accessory purchasing. They have a section of their website called Wine 101 that offers a collection of informative and educational articles –all gathered into one spot, making it a go-to resource. So they took care of all the needs their target market may have. They also make all of their online information free and continued charging for the print edition.

The team has also improved the interactivity of the website using wine tasting videos. These videos are placed in all newsletters that go out with a wine on sale, there are links to the corresponding video beside the wines they sell on the website and they are simple to create. They also have a blog where they post recipes, contests, etc. The website gets the visitor involved in one way or another, keeping people on their site longer and increasing the chance of return visits.

One of the other useful things that they do is have separate newsletter lists depending on how interested subscribers are. If you email a mid-level interest audience too much they will unsubscribe. On the other hand, there is a huge demographic that just cannot get enough information and offers about wine.

For more information about this case study, click here.


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