Grain Station Market Place; Beer, food and dog grooming

There is a new, community-owned, brewery in McMinnville! Grain Station Brew Works is opening at the old Saturday market location, at 8th and Alpine, and it’s going to be amazing. I can already tell it’ll be a great place to go on the weekends to get some good food, groceries and beer for the week. It’s not only a great place to shop, it’s shaping up to be a nice place to hang out.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to Chamber night (McMinnville Chamber of Commerce) at the Grain Station Market Place by my roommate, Lee Means from YCAP. I got to try some amazing clam chowder from The Soup Shack, delish (oh my gosh go get some RIGHT NOW) chicken from Chicken Coop, and of course, some GREAT beer from Grain Station Brew Works (I tried No. 1!). The beer is amazing by the way. It’s easy to drink and holds up to my favorite Belgian ales. Not too hoppy and has a refreshing taste. The brewer has been making beer for about 25 years with places like Deschutes and McMenamins.

Here is what the Grain Station Market Place looks like under construction.

Something that surprised me was that this isn’t just going to be a brewery, it’s going to be a market. They will have Shaggy Showers Self-Service Dog Wash, Walnut City Meat, NW Fresh Seafood Co, a coffee shop, soup and chicken “food carts” and other things to enjoy. It’s an exciting addition to McMinnville.

No word on when it will be fully open and operational yet, but they are shooting for sometime in August! For now, the food is there 🙂

||August 16, 2013 edit ||

They’re open! !!


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