Shepherd’s pie and potato pancakes go great with Pinot noir

A friend and I decided to cook today! We made some great shepherd’s pie and potato pancakes.

(Also, turns out shepherd’s pie goes great with 2010 Le Cadeau Rocheux Pinot noir!)

Potato pancakes can be made my shredding potatoes, squishing the liquid out of them, mixing in onions, carrots and eggs, then forming them into patties and frying them up like pancakes.

Shepherd’s pie is a little more complicated. You need to brown some ground beef or lamb, throw in onions and garlic, some chicken broth, tomato paste and veggies (corn, peas, anything you’d like) and about a tablespoon or two of flour and let that all thicken. I also added about half a bottle of Pinot noir. Then spread the mixture in a baking pan.

You also need to make some mashed potatoes using a lot of butter and full cream milk to go on top of the meat, then stick all of it in the oven and let the potatoes brown. Everything is cooked before it goes in, I think the oven bit is just to give it a nice golden brown crust-look.

Viola! I made something edible for once.


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