2007 Pinot war

Today I opened up a 2007 Francis Tannahill The Hermit Pinot noir and a 2007 Torii Mor Hawks View Pinot noir.

I was impressed by the Francis Tannahill that I purchased at Rex Hill the moment I opened the bottle. Loved the aroma, the pepper and the dark color made for a seductive wine for the evening. The Torii Mor was good as well but may have needed more time. There was a bitter, smokey and almost astringent aftertaste to it. It was a little disappointing, because when I visited the winery I was very impressed with everything I tasted!

*(See edits below!)

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Day 2 edit: both wines performed much better a day later and slightly chilled. The Tannahill gained a strange, almost chlorine aroma. Both got much smoother.

Day 3 edit: everything tastes/smells as I hoped it would the first day. Great pepper out on Torii Mor (and a nice full flavor), nice nose on the Tannahill. Complete evolution, these wines were excellent, especially the Torii Mor.

Day 4 edit: gone.


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