2013 Art Harvest Studio Tour

The Art Harvest Studio Tour of Yamhill County is a wonderful opportunity to experience works of art in local artists’ studios. A friend and I explored McMinnville artists’ work today, including hand-painted scarves and prints from Phyllice Bradner, images crafted from pieces of paper glued together from Doug Roy, book art from Marilyn Worrix, paintings from Lori Wallace-Lloyd, wine and art from Kim Hamblin (her husband makes the wine), and glass art from Ralph Kraft.

I would like to note two amazing parts of the trip. One is the Old Elk Lodge right downtown on 3rd St., where someone lives! Marilyn Worrix’s studio is in her home, a refurbished elk lodge. I didn’t take pictures, since it’s someone’s home, but I did take a shot of their newly renovated ballroom that was being shown off!

20131011_144826The second striking highlight of the day was Phyllice Bradner’s hand-painted scarves. She uses a water soluble resist to outline the images on the scarf, then uses a paintbrush to paint with dye. She doesn’t go all the way to the lines, so that the color doesn’t burst or leak. Instead, she paints a little inside the line and lets the color bleed to the edge. The colors can blend together when it’s still wet, and if you let one color dry first, the second color will blot like polka dots. She also experimented with putting salt on the scarves to create a cool zoomed-in-cell effect. When the dye is all dry, she wraps the scarves in newspaper and steams them to set the color.


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