How businesses can benefit from using social media

Social media is as valuable to businesses as traditional forms of mass media. In fact, consumers know to search for businesses on Facebook and Twitter, almost simultaneously as they search for a website. Because the Internet is widely accessible and interactive, it is easy for your target audience to find, communicate, and mention you via social media.

7 Business Benefits of Social Media

Visibility – The saying “all press is good press” originates from visibility. Although the saying is debatable, a business should be as visible as possible to their target audience. When a business has social media accounts, in increases your web presence and provides curious consumers with more places to find you. If you post useful and relevant information at least once a week, it increases the chances of remaining on your consumer’s radar. Hootsuite is an easy, instinctive tool for scheduling social media posts for those who don’t have time to post everyday.

Interactivity – In the business world, you need to stand out to make an impression. In order to do that, you must engage your target audience in your company. Social media provides an easy way to communicate with your clients, that also allows other individuals to join in on the conversation at their convenience. For example, speaking to multiple users in Twitter with the @ function is a great way to create a group conversation. Use social media as a customer service tool, answering any comments or inquiries. It also gives you insight into what your company is doing well, and what it can improve on.

Globalization – The beauty of the Internet is that information is at your fingertips, literally, anywhere. Social media provides a way to globalize your brand. If a consumer “likes” your Facebook page, your posts will be visible whether he or she logs in to Facebook from America or India. Your message has gone global.

Monitoring – Social media makes it easy to monitor…

  • Your competitors: Using “lists” in Twitter is a great way to stay up-to-date on what your competitors are doing online, without giving them an actual “follow.”
  • Your consumers: Social media is a great way to see what your target audience is interested in and the latest trends. Also, many social media sites have some sort of analytical tool that allows you to view demographics–so you can find out whether your consumer base is mostly male or female, their location, and their age range.
  • Your brand image: It is crucial to monitor your brand’s reputation and the perception of your company. Even if consumers don’t directly involve you in a conversation about your company, a quick search will turn up results. See what people think of your latest marketing campaign, or product release!

Relevance – Relate to the upcoming generation of “webbies,” a generation that lives and breathes online, and knows how to use the Internet as if it’s second nature–because they grew up with it. When a company has no online presence, they become irrelevant. Create value, make yourself rare and hard to imitate, and stay relevant on the Internet.

Campaign – Social media makes it easier than ever to launch cost-effective targeted campaigns and drive traffic to your website. These campaigns can generate brand awareness, answer a question about your company, or market a specific product. Social media has an ability to make things go “viral,” as thought leaders share something you’ve posted to their followers, who in turn broadcast your brand on their own sites. And you can track it!

Credibility – Frankly, social media is so widely utilized that businesses need to have them in order to be credible. According to Ikonik Social Media Agency, 51% of consumers agree it reflects negatively on a business if they do not have social media accounts. So if nothing else in this article convinced you that social media is imperative for your business, allow the numbers to persuade you.


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