A long weekend in Bay Area

I love the Bay Area. I love the food, family and opportunities.

Traveling, especially to Bay Area, isn’t just about the places, but the people. I go 80 percent to visit family and 20 percent to eat. Some adventure suggestions in the Bay Area include…

  • Try chicken heart at Ginji
  • Take a hike near the Golden Gate Park
  • Visit the wineries in Napa Valley
  • Try the garlic clam pizza at Golden Boy Pizza
  • Drink lots of bubble tea! Tpumps started out as a shipping location that started selling bubble tea. They got so popular I doubt they have room for customers who want to send out packages. (Tip: Don’t store your bubble tea in the fridge. The boba gets hard.)
  • Visit XOX Truffles for some amazing chocolate. Free truffle with every drink! (If you aren’t a coffee drinker, try their hot chocolate, made from the same chocolate they use for truffles).

Within the 4 days I was there, my cousins and I played Bomberman, went wine tasting, ate dimsum, pizza, Chinese, Korean BBQ, adobo and Izakaya, visited the Golden Gate Bridge, overloaded on bubble tea and explored China town. It was a weekend for the books!


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