Bitter. Sweet.

You would come by my house at night,
Throwing pebbles at the window,
Asking me to go for a walk with you,
And understanding when I wouldn’t.
You would bring me random surprises,
Like the dog I had seen in the mall,
Or the book I wanted but couldn’t get,
Or just bringing me out for a ride.
You would say you loved me,
And never leave me,
And even though I tried not to,
You made me fall in love with you.
You would turn and smile at me,
Whenever I thought you forgot I was there,
Made it seem that you’d never forget,
But I should have seen you were a good liar.

You would spend less time with me,
To spend it with someone else,
Who had come and struck your fancy,
Like I had,
A long time ago.


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