I didn’t hear the doorbell when it had just happened and people dressed in black and white were coming to tell me.

I was showering. I used my favorite soap and shampoo, and scrubbed extra hard. I used the best lotion I had, and wore one of the outfits I had on reserve for special occasions.

I was so excited to see you that night, after so long.

You were coming home.

I couldn’t wait to hear all the stories that you promised you would have by the time you got back, of exotic lands, the people, and your brand new fighter jet.

I was so excited. So excited for that night.

What took you so long anyways? You were supposed to be done months ago. You could have helped me pick out the furniture for our new house-which I know you’d have loved doing.

But that’s okay. I had fun decorating all by myself. You’ll just get to be surprised.

I was so excited to show you.

I had dinner ready on the table for when you would get back. I broke out the candles we bought on our honeymoon, and they made the room smell like the sea. I got out that bottle of wine that you hate and I love. Do you remember when you choked on it? I told you I was pregnant, just to see what you would do. Best joke I ever played. But it was for real now.

I was excited to see how you’d react this time.

I played some music for you. The kind I hate but you like. Then the phone rang and I had to turn it down.
I wish I had just let the music play.

I wish I had let myself be excited for a few songs more, before I found out you weren’t coming home.

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