Ramen in the Philippines

Every meal I have had in a restaurant since coming back has been Japanese cuisine. It’s what everyone wants to eat!

When I met up with friends and family, they always ask if I feel like ramen or sushi. I ask for suggestions from my friends here since they are locals and I am not (yet), so I defer to them. It has 9/10 times been ramen. If you truly are what you eat I would be a giant bowl of ramen with perhaps a tiny speck of pasta on the side.

So I’m sharing my favorite ramen place so far, located in the new wing of Shangrila Mall, called Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen.

Random side note: Most establishments in the Philippines rely mainly on Facebook pages for their online presence and don’t have a website–much less a decent one. If you notice an establishment that has a decent website, please support them! And let them know their website is appreciated–it’s just so much easier to find information!


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