Are you pitching to travel writers soon?

Travel Yamhill Valley has published a great article, which quotes Travel Writer Jennifer Nice about Travel Writers: What they are looking for and how to provide it.

Here are some of the tips she provided…

  • Know your target market explicitly. Is it couples? Families? The budget traveler? The wine aficionado? Foodies? Your marketing message must resonate with your prospective customers.
  • Communicate consistently with your return customers to cultivate a relationship. They will return, and they’ll talk about your business. You can do this through enewsletters and social media. And keep your website updated with fresh content so people have a reason to visit it again and again.
  • Figure out your niche. (your unique selling proposition -USP) and market it. Travel writers are drawn to new and/or unique destinations. They like to “discover” niches. What makes you different and/or better than your competition?
  • Convey a sense of place (“paint a picture”) in your online and print marketing materials. Show, don’t tell. If this is too challenging, hire a qualified copywriter to do it for you.
  • Submit a press release to local publications whenever you have a news-worthy event to promote. Sometimes these get picked up by major newspapers and magazines.
  • Give travel writers a discount or comp if they ask. By all means, request to see their credentials and/or published clips to make sure they’re legitimate. And once the story is published, send a thank you note. They may pitch another story about your business in the future!”

Jennifer Nice

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