Deadly slow traffic

The traffic in the Philippines is killing me. I moved back here almost a month ago and I still get nervous shakes when I know I have to drive somewhere.

Today I left an hour and a half before I had to for a meeting and I was still only 20 minutes early. I had two navigation systems running (a Garmin and Google navigation) and I still stopped three times to ask an officer, called MMDA here, for directions. Luckily, with the 20 extra minutes I had, I researched some driving tips!

If you are anxious about driving in crowded places, like I am, here are some great tips I found to avoid those panic attacks.

  • Use the bathroom before you leave
  • Invest in a GPS
  • Avoid buses, trucks and “jeepneys,” which are a weird hybrid of a boat/car/thing
  • Fill your tank once it gets below half full
  • Always use headlights at night
  • Whenever you need to use your windshield wipers, turn on your headlights as well
  • Oh, and hide any valuables in the car when parking and in motion

Although I enjoy being back in Manila, I miss countless things in Oregon. One of the top being the drivers and traffic. To give you an idea of how terrifying Manila drivers are, check out some satiric driving tips that people seem to actually take to heart.


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