A Californian in the Philippines!

My first visitor from college came to Manila! Kira is from the Bay Area, and we met sophomore year. (She says we met once freshman year but I don’t remember it).

Kira and IThe first thing she said when I drove her to the mall was “your driving makes so much sense now.” (I had friends in Oregon who refused to get in the car with me–but I tried my best to be a polite driver there!)

Traffic in ManilaAlso, I have tried to explain the term “fancy” to friends from college, but never truly got the impression that they understood. Kira insisted on going to a wedding here–I was more hesitant since I didn’t know the couple personally and didn’t have a dress made–and once we got in, she looked up and said “oh sh!t. There are flowers on the ceiling.” …and I did a mental fist pump because now she understood.

Here is a list of things that we enjoyed around the Philippines.



  • Shangrila Mall – Higher-end shopping and food, particularly with the addition of the new wing. Visit for a relaxing day of shopping.
  • Greenhills Shopping Center – Bazaars and great deals, a good place to shop for souvenirs and make high-volume purchases. It has definitely evolved into a cultural experience–don’t go if you aren’t comfortable with crowds!
  • Mall of Asia – Worth seeing because of the ginormous size.


  • Attended a huge fil-chi (except I think they were both Chinese) wedding
  • Went to Batangas and checked into the Club Punta Fuego resort
  • Checked in to Maxims Hotel at Resort’s World for the last few days to shop, watch movies, swim, and party
  • I make Kira wake up at 2 a.m. to grab a drink at Opus Bar
  • Got a table at Hyve Super Club

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