Fine Dining with a View in Manila

House of WagyuI was beginning to doubt the existence of a pollution-free view in Manila, but the House of Wagyu near Mall of Asia offers that and more.

Our meal started with a view of the Manila Bay, followed by perfectly spiced soup (be sure to eat it while it’s hot), a great veggie dish, and the wagyu steak (served on a stone grill).

The wagyu steak was light, didn’t have a particularly overwhelming beef flavor, but it was the softest steak I’ve ever had. Cook it to exactly how you like on the stone slab and enjoy with a glass of red (or white!) wine. Wagyu steak is so delicate that a particularly bold wine such as Syrah or a Bordeaux (Merlot, Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, etc.) would overpower it.

House of Wagyu
Mall of Asia Complex
4th Floor, Two E-Com Center
Ocean Drive
Pasay City

P.S. Apparently all the restaurants in the Philippines don’t have websites and it is driving me crazy.


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