America IS beautiful. I am fond of America, but contrary to Coca Cola’s recent Tweet, I don’t believe that all the people who live there are as beautiful.

Coke recently aired a multilingual Superbowl ad and the backlash was awful. Please check out a more detailed account of Coca Cola’s commercial, Tweet, and the *coughracistcoughmoronic* backlash at Public Shaming.

Overall, the most important thing to understand about this entire episode is that there are people worth meeting in every country, and there are people you won’t agree with in every country.

Here’s the Superbowl commercial:

It was heartbreaking to be reminded there are still people in America who don’t realize “their” America was built on the backs of Native Americans, Asians and Mexicans. Please. Read up on some history. Hopefully by the next century, more people will have learned the value of visiting another country/culture (and proper grammar). Ethnocentrism, the belief that your culture is superior to all others, shouldn’t be tolerated in modern times.

P.S. Fun fact! The writer of America the Beautiful was Katherine Lee Bates, a lesbian. She was in a “committed partnership” with Katharine Coman.


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