Greek Food Near Greenhills

Greeka Kouzina logoThe San Juan/Greenhills area is quickly becoming my favorite foodie hangout in Manila. The traffic gets pretty bad and the one-ways are sure to induce a few panic attacks, but the combination of good food and free parking can’t be beat.

Yet another “hidden” gem near the border of San Juan and Greenhills is Greeka Kouzina.

This restaurant serves great Greek food at a good price. Try their lamb gyro! Lamb is usually a safe choice when it comes to Greek food, and if it’s prepared correctly it will just melt in your mouth.

Tip: Ask for feta cheese with your spanakopita. They don’t seem to include it in their “spinach pie,” but it makes a world of difference–and all my Greek friends always make their spanakopita with feta.


2 thoughts on “Greek Food Near Greenhills

  1. Hi, you realize you’re going with me to these places and eating allllll the food (like seriously the most ethnic food gets here besides Korean is TGIFridays, I dream about stuff like salsa and tzatziki regularly), okay good, omw.

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