The Value of Journaling

We are creatures of never-ending change. Our lives are a flow of experiences, people and growth. A journal chronicles your journey through adventures, struggles, and happiness.

You will be a completely different human in a few years, both mentally and physically. Your thought processes will be different and your experiences will have molded you in unexpected and wonderful ways. You will be stronger, smarter, probably more stressed, and different.

Keeping a journal reminds you of where you came from. It’s a homage to the people who no longer have a place in your life. It’s a reminder of the places and periods you’ve left behind.

A journal remembers who you were, sees who you are, and helps you mold who you want to be.

If that isn’t enough reason, then 10 years down the road when you make a stupid mistake, just look back on your old journals and you will be unspeakably grateful for the mistakes you’ve made and grown from.

One thought on “The Value of Journaling

  1. I totally agree with your post. Reading my old journals I’ve developed a better understanding of myself and to appreciate my growth as a person. Journals document the subtle changes in my change of attitudes and reminds me of what I overcame to become the person I am now.

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