Tipsy Pig

Raspberry beer

Gastropub: A bar or tavern that offers high-quality food.

Tipsy Pig is aptly named. When I left, it described exactly how I felt; like a tipsy, happy pig. In addition to great food and unique (delicious) drinks, the bar has a soundtrack that 20-somethings will appreciate.

Now, the beer! Oh the beer. The beer is so good that I can’t find the words for it BEER. The beer at Tipsy Pig is worth a trip during any time of the day. A friend and I ordered a raspberry beer and a peach beer between us, so I was able to try both and can confidently recommend either of these beers. If those two are any indication of the rest of their beers, I would say carve out a night and try them all with some friends.

In lieu of food, we ordered quesadillas and sisig tacos. Between the two, go for the sisig tacos. There is less food, but it tastes amazing. There’s also great texture, with a little crunch.

Tip: Order the sisig tacos! And beer. Drink it. All.

Hours: 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. daily
Location: U-21A & R-2B Capitol Common Meralco Ave. corner Shaw Blvd., Oranbo District 1 Pasig, City


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