A Ghibli-Lovers Restaurant

Umami Hambaagu House is a Japanese restaurant, specializing in hamburger steak, with the most charming decor! The first thing I noticed when we entered was the Super Mario hat, the second was the travel guides behind the counter, and the third was Ponyo playing on a television set. After that, it was a slew of pleasant surprises.

The food, in addition to being delicious and affordable, is named after characters from Ghibli and Miyazaki movies!

We ordered two of their famous burger steaks, which come with Japanese rice, edamame, perfectly seasoned french fries, and unlimited cabbage salad with sesame sauce. I had the Roppongi Hills, because how can anyone go wrong with truffle cream? Their burger steaks go perfectly with the rice, so I recommend anyone on a diet to make an exception and dig in to those carbs.

I also ordered Umami Natural Milk Tea, which is made fresh and comes with a sand timer to let you know when it’s ready to drink. It was a bit on the sweet side, with a mild honey flavor, but other than that tastes great. If you have a free afternoon and live in the area, I recommend bringing your laptop and parking yourself in their back room with a pot of their milk tea.

They go the extra step to impress. The bill comes in a mini garbage can and the receipt comes in a tiny shopping cart!

Umami Hambaagu House is located at the Grove by Rockwell, along C5 in Pasig. This area is amazing because it is one of the few places that has good food without the massive crowds. They are open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. (according to Tsinoy Foodies)

Tip: Bring bug spray. I killed five mosquitoes while I was there.


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