10 Companies Revisited

Writing has been pretty hard lately. I seem to be repeating everything I’ve already said whenever I try to create new content. As a writer, I don’t have the luxury of looking at my craft and going “I’ve gotten good enough.” The rule of 1% is to aim for a 1% improvement everyday. I’m a little behind.

A career isn’t as convenient as school, where you have semesters or trimesters that wrap up neatly in a box of notebooks and folders you put away when class is over. I don’t know how to work this way! I like being able to pack away a syllabus and start learning from scratch again. I always liked handing in a project and calling it done.

I’m taking a small step past that open-close mentality by listing 10 great companies that I’ve had a personal experience with, and a possible money-making idea for them. Without further ado, here’s a blast from my past (and present, for some of them).

Couture House, by Christine Go

Target Audience: Newly engaged couples, teenagers about to have debuts, and upper-middle class families who may need gowns and tuxedos made.

Idea: Place an ad targeted at high school students in the school papers of international schools in Manila. The ad should feature tuxedo and dress types and prices, with contact information.

McMinnville Economic Development Partnership

Target Audience: Small businesses in McMinnville who are looking for business management guidance, and potential business owners.

Idea: Implement a blog compilation of consultations with clients, questions and answers, and seminars. The blog should be categorized by department (marketing, human resources, business development, investment ideas), so it can be used as a resource for small businesses.

Travel Yamhill Valley

Target Audience: Businesses in the Yamhill Valley; wineries, restaurants, lodging and services.

Idea: Host influential bloggers and writers, and partner with members to offer a Yamhill Valley experience to write home about.

Profiles Asia Pacific

Target Audience: Human resource managers and executives involved in hiring and company development.

Idea: Offer in-house training seminars to current clients based on what they feel is their workforce’s biggest challenge. Ex. teamwork, leadership, creativity, efficiency, motivation.

Tajimaya Yakiniku Restaurant

Target Audience: The “foodies” of Manila.

Idea: Sponsor a charity event wherein food is served, and bring 5 to 10 percent off vouchers.

Yamhill Action Community Partnership

Target Audience: Potential donors, volunteers, and individuals who may need assistance living self-sufficiently.

Idea: Hold a drawing at the next YCAP auction or event with business cards as entry tickets to capture information.

237 Marketing + Web

Target Audience: Small business owners who take their company marketing into their own hands and may need a little help and guidance navigating the waters.

Idea: Hold free quarterly educational webinars for WebCare clients and former marketing/website clients. Participants can send in questions they’d like answered beforehand or at the end of the webinar.

Eyrie Vineyards

Target Audience: Upper-middle class wine lovers nationwide, and distributors.

Idea: Partner with a travel agency to offer a foodie tour of all the restaurants and establishments where Eyrie wine is served in the Pacific Northwest. OR host a book and wine pairing event. Partner with Third Street Books or Powell’s and hold an event wherein people try wine and read book excerpts. Entrance fee covers the cost of their favorite bottle and book.

Fast Company Magazine

*I haven’t worked with Fast Co. personally, but I enjoy their content and have followed their stories for a while now.

Target Audience: Highly educated media consumers and innovative creatives, who may work in a marketing or design company or freelance for the arts. Writers, young professionals, and social media influencers.

Idea: Publish a book of their features from past magazine issues. They have amazing content online.

Velvet Monkey Tea

*I haven’t worked with this company either, so I don’t understand their strategy from an insider’s perspective. But while I lived in McMinnville, I spent afternoons reading, working, and enjoying tea here.

Target Audience: Tea enthusiasts.

Idea: Host a mix-your-own-tea workshop wherein participants can experiment and create their own custom blends. Include a list of special health benefits beside all teas, so participants can also customize based on what ails them.

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