A month ago I was doing everything in my power to write better press releases–more concise, more journalistic. I wrote a press release about the world’s best cup of coffee as practice. This week I’m trying to relearn how to be descriptive so I can write better travel articles. I’m thinking of doing one on Venice. So when do I get to say “I’ve found my voice, I’m done”?

Life after school isn’t divided into convenient semesters. Your career skills will never have a reasonable stopping point where you can say “that’s enough.” And that’s a good thing.

Something that many type-As (like me) struggle with is understanding that your work will never be done. The real world isn’t like school at all. There are no neat and clean semester breaks, where you can wrap one class up and begin another. Work is never ever put away organized neatly in a little box that you can pack away and call “done.”

Becoming an employee after 21 years of being a student was eye-opening, and moving from McMinnville to Manila was a giant career culture shock. Both periods of growth reminded me that you can’t compartmentalize life. Or at least I can’t.


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