Savoring Black Cap Pinot Noir from Oregon…in Manila!

After an unwanted 3-month break from Oregon wine, there was nothing like the first whiff of a freshly opened bottle of 2010 Black Cap Pinot noir, from the Eyrie Vineyards. Black currant and wonderfully balanced fruit and spice welcomed me back into the Oregon-wine-addicts club with open arms.


Two glasses disappeared far too quickly. Although the wine could age for a few more years, I’d say it’s entered some prime drinking time. It goes down like smooth velvet coated in Oregon’s finest fruit and earth, with a tart refeshing finish. I am definitely glad I toted this bottle with me across the Pacific, bringing a little bit of the Willamette Valley to a bustling Asian metropolis, which for some reason has yet to offer a wine on par with Eyrie’s.

Also, yes, that is a castle.


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