2 Years

I’m going to give myself two years to sink or swim in Manila. At the end of those two years I will decide whether I’ve made the Philippines my home once again, or if it’s time to move on.

There are no words to express how much I miss Oregon–the polite drivers, how efficient I was, the proximity of everything, the incomparable wine, easy access to Mt. Hood, farmers market eggs, raspberries in my back yard, Dante the dog, and most of all the people I grew to love there. But I decided to give life in the Philippines a shot after coasting through middle and high school here.

So here is my tropical adventure bucket list, and let’s see if I can’t fall back in love with life in the Philippines.

  • Climb Mt. Taal
  • Learn to parkour at Ninja Academy
  • Go wine tasting at Sommelier Selection and Planet Grapes
  • Find the best beer in Manila
  • Join Ultimate Fitness with Jo and Stephen
  • Go fishing–not the kind that you have to pay an entrance fee for
  • Camp in Baguio
  • Try all the different froyo and bubble tea chains in Manila
  • Scuba dive
  • Go to the zoo and aquarium
  • Visit a museum (Mind Museum in Taguig?)
  • Hike Mt. Pinatubo
  • Visit Batanes
  • Enjoy a beach in Zambales
  • Visit hot springs (Hidden Valley?)
  • Eat Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Mexican, Greek, Thai, Peruvian, Persian and American food–in one week
  • Visit Bohol
  • Check out Intramuros (it was fascinating, but no pics allowed, so I’m afraid this would be a dull post)
  • Eat at the waterfall restaurant in Villa Escudero
  • Go to Amansinaya Mountain Resort in Batangas?

This will be a regularly updated post, so check back for progress!


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